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At JCP Kindess is Gold!

At John Campbell Primary, kindness is gold as the school has been spearheading a student kindness campaign.  The initiative began in February and is continuing throughout the month of March and spring.   

As part of the peer-to-peer campaign, students have learned that kindness matters as it influences school culture for the better and promotes unity, compassion and respect.  The campaign helps students express their feelings and communicate positively with their peers.    The campaign works as during the week, students are encouraged to be on the lookout for acts of kindness.  Then, with some teamwork from their teachers, they fill out a golden ticket explaining how someone has shown kindness to either them or others.  The tickets are then put into the school kindness box and each Friday six tickets are drawn highlighting a student and recognizing their act of kindness over the school’s loudspeaker.  Commemorating the morning celebration, the students recognized and the ones submitting the recognition choose an item of kindness swag and then have their photo taken for the kindness wall.    

At John Campbell Primary School, kindness is gold.  That’s what happens when random acts of good-heartedness are recognized.