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Program Intent

Our primary focus is on closing the achievement gap for Spanish speaking students. Our Dual Language Immersion program places them in a situation where they grow academically because content is being delivered in their native language, not the language they are trying to learn. Research shows that they become more fluent in English over time when they learn to read in their native language first. However, there are severa; secondary benefits with having a dual immersion program for all students.

  • All students in the program become bilingual and biliterate
  • Research shows that the entire school community benefits when multiple languages and cultural heritages are validated and respected
  • Students who use two languages tend to perform better on executive function tasks and maintain better cognitive functioning with age

  80-20 Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program Our Spanish/English Two-Way Dual Immersion program has bilingual staff dedicated to the success of our learners.  Students experience instruction at Kindergarten in an 80:20 model, where 80% of instruction is in Spanish and 20% of instruction is in English.  Each year, more instruction in English is added until a 50:50 balance is reached by third grade.  

Two-Way Dual Language Immersion - English/Spanish - CLICK HERE  

Content and Language Allocation Plan : In English and  En Español.